Welcome to Vulcan Riders Sweden
Chapter 46 of Vulcan Riders Association - founded in 1999...

This page is for our non-swedish speaking Vulcan Brothers and Sisters throughout the World!

VRS' site is an open site and you can access almost every part of it. Most of it is in Swedish, but some efforts have been made to make it understandable to others:

The News scroll on our start page has a Google Translator. By using it you'll get a fair idea of what's up here in Vulcan's Sweden, even if the translations sometimes are hilariously funny...

The Forum [opens in a new window] has an english speaking section - THE OPEN HIGHWAY. It's made for you to send us messages of all kinds. So please feel free to login with our guest account - and bring us messages of all kinds.

You will find further instructions - both in Swedish and English - at the login page. It's really simple - so don't hesitate!.

The other topics you are welcome to read. - Yes they are in Swedish but there is a option to translate each post to your language.

The Gallery [opens in a new window] hosts images from various events and partys. There is no limitation to browse and look at the images or videos there. If you want to upload stuff, however, you have to be a registered Forum member.

The Vulcan Aid list [PDF in a new window] Avoid beeing stranded if you have bad luck while in Sweden. A lot of members have signed upp to be of assistance if you ever need help with the bike while you're here.

As a Vulcan Riders Association member, you are always more than welcome to our events or just to hang out with us! The bigger stuff, like our annual National Rally, always have a registration in English. If there is anything you need information- or contactwise, please don't hesitate to send our officers an e-mail.

You can start with these two guys below - and if they can't help you, they will get you in contact with the right people. See Ya!

Rune Sandström


Vulcan Riders Sweden

Susanne Johansson

Information Officer

Vulcan Riders Sweden